I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for reading. It has been a wild few months, but I am really proud of how the story has progressed and how the world has grown. Volume 1 is all wrapped up, but we will have a few updates of special surprises throughout the rest of December.

Stay tuned! And don’t forget, Volume 2 will start January 12th – same mouse time, same mouse channel.

Chapter 10, Part 2: A Most Unwelcome Truth

“Scurry all you want, mouse, you’ve no escape.” Galantus’ rich, velvety voice wound through the cavern as Beddigan ran back into the darkness. He cursed under his breath as he felt the ground shake under the dragon’s heavy gait, as it pursued him. He felt the air suck back behind him and increased his pace, running his hand along the wall of the cave, searching for an alcove, some cover from what he knew was to come. Continue reading

Chapter 10, Part 1: A Most Unwelcome Welcoming

The gravel crunched under Beddigan’s boots as he trudged through the forest, nearly at the end of his long journey from San Vincent’s Port, back to his makeshift home in Windermere. He couldn’t stop thinking about William’s mysterious disappearance. The entire trip, his mind just kept turning over the puzzle in his head. First, William had been shot with some sort of magic. Next he had stumbled over the edge of the ship and fell to the water. And finally, a scrap of his tunic had been found with part of a used portal crystal. It all seemed too convenient to Beddigan. Continue reading