Chapter 9, Part 2: Fear & Loathing in The Ranier Islands

Beddigan watched the eerie greenish-gray mists of the Rainier Islands grow ever closer, as the boat sailed over the choppy Lorring sea. Having never sailed this close to them before, they were all surprised by the greenish tint to the mists, which had always seemed more like a grayish-white fog before. The closer they got, the more details they could see. From a distance the mists looked as if they shifted and blew, akin to sea spray, but as they approached closer, it almost looked as if the mists were frozen into a shield of sorts; like frost forming upon glass. Continue reading

Chapter 9, Part 1: She Ain’t Seaworthy

Beddigan sat down on the edge of the quiet dock, swinging his legs and skimming the bottoms of his bare feet over the clear water. His boots sat next to him, freshly oiled and cleaned, gleaming mahogany in the bright sunshine. Aside from the dock he sat on, the marina was a flurry of activity. The shade from the cities outer wall fell short of where he sat. The western gate of San Vincent’s Port was split into two sections. Slightly to the north was the visitor and merchant gate, dubbed The West Gate and to the south was the port gate, for all sea travellers and traveling merchants, known as the Sea Traveller’s Gate. Shading the sun from his eyes he scanned the boats and ships for what felt like the millionth time, looking for the familiar flag of one Captain Linley. He was almost certain that the Fillsner’s Muse, the ship he had ridden upon to visit William’s wife, was not docked in the marina, which befuddled him, as he had received word that Captain Linley had arrived in the city. Continue reading

Chapter 8, Part 2: Informants, and Rescues, and Treason, Oh My!

Beddigan leaned back against the hard wooden chair, sipping his ale and surveying the dimly lit bar. Not overly crowded, which it was to be assumed because it was a meeting place for all manner of delinquents, he had chosen a little table near the far back corner to wait for his guest to arrive. He had come early in the day to survey the establishment and speak with the owner. After paying a handsome fee, the owner had agreed to set up a meeting with a member of the gang that councilman Björn had mentioned may know something of councilman Anders disappearance. Continue reading

Chapter 8, Part 1: When There Is Trouble, Look To The North

Beddigan cringed as the wagon he was riding in slid down into a deep rut in the road, causing him to roll and thump against the hard wooden seat. He had been in the wagon nearly a days time, deciding to forgo yet another day or two of walking in the interest of arriving in San Vincent’s Port as soon as possible. He had been heading to the city from Windermere anyway when he had received the message that the Republic Council needed his services urgently. Katheyra, being a peoples republic, had an elected council of representatives from all over the country, from the Snowcap mountain range in the hard baked earth of the Southern flatlands. The representatives gathered for the majority of each turning in the capital city of San Vincent’s Port, where in lieu of a palace like Illensdar or Mormant had, there was a Council House near the centre of the inner ring. Continue reading