Chapter 7: Barely Beddigan

Shianne shut the door of her luxurious room at the Wriggling Walrus Inn, found in the wealthy western quarter of San Vincent’s Port. She leaned back against it for a moment, closing her eyes and breathing out a carefully contained sigh of relief. She only allowed herself to feel relief for a few seconds, once alone and behind closed doors. In her line of work she had to stay sharp, alert; ready for anything. But after a day, and a job like she’d had, she needed that brief respite before she could set her mind right again. She strode across the spacious room to the solid oak table and chairs nestled, underneath a large window. She quickly tugged the drapes closed, making a note to never stay in this particular Inn again, as the staff had not followed her specific orders to have all drapes drawn before her arrival. Continue reading

Chapter 6, pt 3: And I Would Have Gotten Away With It Too If It Wasn’t For..

Beddigan swore under his breath, backtracking up the wagon ruts to the main road.

“William!” he called softly, but urgently, turning around in a full circle; eyes sharp for the bear’s large form, to no avail. Sighing, he turned back to the barn, which sat still and silent in the night.

“Lost another friend I see, Beddigan.” came an eerie voice from behind him. He whirled about, hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw. His hand dropped to his side as the air puffed out of his lungs. Continue reading

Chapter 6, Part 2: I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!

Beddigan ushered William through the open door of the Inn and into the darkness, carefully pulling the door shut behind him. After a moment of hesitation, they had shook away the brief spike of fear and raced down the stairs from their room. As the door clicked softly behind them, Beddigan winced.

“Get a hold over yourself!” He whispered urgently to himself. William was close ahead of him, as they waited a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dark. He turned back to Beddigan and whispered,

“Have you ever seen a ghost before?” Beddigan shook his head,

“And I still haven’t. Ghosts aren’t real William. It is just a trick of sorcery.” William nodded but the look in his eyes showed more fear than anything else. Beddigan braced a hand on the large bear’s back. “A well done trick of sorcery, I’ll admit, but nothing to fear, my friend. Now lets get going or we may lose them.” Continue reading