Chapter 4, Part 2: Water, Water, Everywhere…

Beddigan woke, blinking against the dim light filtering into the room from a slit underneath the door. His head was pounding. He found his hands tied behind his back, when he instinctively tried to raise a hand to what he was sure was a large, throbbing bump on the back of his head. Slowly, the whole ordeal on the boat with Aliott came drifting back. The daggers had been removed from the wounds in his shoulder and leg and had been bandaged while he had been knocked out. He felt the familiar roll of ocean, and realized he was again in the belly of a ship, somewhere at sea. I’ve had enough sea travel for a lifetime, he thought, turning his wrists against the rope that bound them, searching for a weakness. He struggled to get to his feet, his whole body aching from being slumped in the tiny, windowless room. His sword and dagger were both missing, along with his coin and crystals pouches. The room was bare except for a burlap sack of oranges, leaving him little to free himself with. Continue reading

Chapter 4, Part 1: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Upon returning to San Vincent’s Port after his visit to Sinnerah, Beddigan had planned to hole up in his favourite Inn for a couple of days, having not gotten much rest on the sea voyage home. He had figured he would have plenty of time to have a few days rest before taking on adventures that would send him south, towards his temporary home of Windermere, and reunite with William. Continue reading

Chapter 3: A Very Brief Introduction to Captain Linley

Beddigan was thrown up hard against the wall of the little room he had been living in for nearly a week. He was aboard the Fillsner’s Muse, a trade and passenger ship running from San Vincent’s Port to the little coastal town of Rannan’s Point, on the northeast coast of Sinnerah’s largest island. The island was home to the countries Capital city Orreka, which was just south of William’s home Village of Doucent. Continue reading