Chapter 2, Part 3: A Fox In Wolves Clothing

“A life debt. Beddigan, I can’t let you do that for me.” William breathed out heavily, reeling from the story Beddigan had told over breakfast. A story of a little girl from Reene, no more that seven turnings old, kept as a war prisoner in Strille many years ago. Orphaned by the continuing war, she hadn’t any family left when she was tossed into the smelly, overcrowded ship and stolen from her home in a village by the sea, just north of Reene’s capital of Rilanda. Her parents had been compliant with the Mormant authorities, but a rebellion had started up in their village and all were punished for the loss of a few Mormant officials. Beddigan hadn’t known how long she had lived in the disgusting work camp, but from the look of her he knew she wouldn’t last much longer. On a rescue mission with Her Majesty’s Royal Sapphire Brigade, to liberate a member of their own who had been captured and was to be put to death, Beddigan had took on the extra risk and successfully spirited Shianne away in the dark of night. He had taken her back to Illensdar and found a family to foster her. Periodically he had visited her, watching her grow and change until his life took a turn and he had fled across the landbridge to Katheyra. He hadn’t even the time to say goodbye to her. He dared not even send a message, and so he had disappeared from her life along with everyone else’s. Continue reading

Chapter 2, Part 2: A Whisper In The Shadows

Beddigan awoke with a start at a loud crash just outside the door of his room at the Wanderling’s Inn, near the south wall of San Vincent’s Port. Leaping forward he flung the door open, hand gripping the hilt of his sword. The door next to his; the room William had been sleeping in, was cracked down the middle and dangling off of its hinges. William was just inside the door, leaning heavily on the jamb, panting; eyes feral, and teeth bared in a wicked snarl. Beddigan put his sword back in its sheath,

“William? Are you hurt?” he asked, carefully stepping towards his friend. The bear’s breathing slowly returned to normal and he blew out a long breath, his hulking shoulders shaking from the released strain. Continue reading

Chapter 2, Part 1: A Slight Delay

A paw clamped down on Beddigan’s shoulder, waking him from his daydream. He sat at a little table in the Wicked Mule Ale House, having arrived in the city of San Vincent’s Port two night’s prior, after receiving a message requesting his services immediately. He had initially ignored the message, having already agreed to assist a small coastal town near the Snowcap mountains. However, there was something about the request; the lack of information, the haste with which it had been written, and, of course, the large sum that was promised, that caused Beddigan to draft a message to the town of Ashra’s Point, advising them of his slight delay.  Continue reading

Chapter 1: Beddigan T. Mouze

The wind ruffled through Beddigan’s fur as he crouched against the smooth rock-face, eyes never leaving the inky dark mouth of the cave. Moments before, the lumbering bulk of the dragon, dubbed Galantus by the villagers of Windermere, had landed on the bluff and stalked into its home. Little did the dragon know that Beddigan T. Mouze had already been inside to set a trap to finally rid Windermere of the winged beast. One hand on the hilt of his sword, Beddigan crouched frozen like a statue, waiting for the boom of the triggered explosion and the howl of the dragon. Continue reading

Update & Info

Well, we are getting closer and closer to the debut of Beddigan’s Adventures. The first installment is completed and has went through a beta read which came back very favourable. I can barely wait until Tuesday to launch what is sure to be a very fun set of stories.

As I mentioned before, we will update every Tuesday with a new Adventure (or chapter) of Beddigan’s tale. Much like a TV show, it will be episodic in nature, with an over-arching story as well as several ‘monster-of-the-week’ style stories.

As far as age-group or ‘rating’ I would say all-ages for now and I will let you know if it changes.

I am very excited for you all to read it! Tuesday can’t come fast enough.